Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give me....

Give me forgetfulness,

So, I strive hard to remember

All I have forgot,

The pains and the aches

That haunts me again and again,

And reach to that summit where I can’t remember myself,

Is this me or some one else?!

Give me ambiguity,

So I daze where to go?

And where not to!

All the ways may lead to you,

Belief or a hope…

And Find it tough to distinguish,

Is it ambiguity or something else?!

Give me a disorder,

In no order I would look proper,

The flaws and the faults,

Would make me learn

And cross the fern and transcend,

Surmount, surpass and retrospect,

Still, something is missing!


manjunatha said...

Something will be missing always till you get everything ...how to get that everthing so that u dont feel some thing is missing ....thats love for radha krishna ...get it free here www.jkp.org

Rummy! said...

Viny, This is awesome kano. NIce placing of the words and it serves the purpose. Great kano..


Anonymous said...

You Have started nicely which makes the entire poem goes in a good pace. Very nice usage of words in between and it is very apparent.

Good work.


Bipin said...

Like a song from a broken heart?
Still looking forward to being where we were..
Good thought..

Mrs. shrinivas said...

Nice thought vinay, heart touching poem it is

vivek said...

Poem is really good n meaningful... why dont u try to publish in magazines r newspapers...

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